Thursday, June 11, 2009

photos from "The Taunt" are up!
they look awesome!! i'm stoked i got to take part and be creepy!
check it out, they've got all kinds of neat projects currently in the works tooooo

also, it is surprisingly easy to get shaving cream, baby powder, cooking oil and a multitude of other goodies out of your hair after glopping it all in there for a few hours!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

speaking of

i know it's old and i know everyone has probably seen it but...
no, seriously, if you don't like it you're probably an asshole and i don't think we can be friends.
so well done! so adorable! myyaaaahh!!!
makes me want to put off sleeping and push all my furniture aside and go to town dancing all night, despite the fact i just worked a twelve hour day and i work again in the morning for another billion hours.

i miss dancing more than most things. won wonn.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

magic soap tingles

so... this is my new favorite thing.
this stuff is the best.
no, really, THE BEST.
it's like a whole-mouth-clean for your entire body!!
it makes you all cooly and tingly and amazing
and basically the smallest amount makes so much lather action, which is just great if youre like.. 22 and poor/a stingy cheapskate, you know?
and then it leaves you all smooth feeling!!
im considering calling into work so i can just sit here admiring how smooth my legs are right now.
plus it makes the bathroom smell like you just cleaned it!
i cant even believe how awesome this stuff is you guys.
i never want to do anything but shower ever again.
thank you dr. Bronner and your magical soap that you can use for everything ever!! you're the bomb!
i dunno why i didn't get wise to this stuff a thousand years ago when i first heard about it.
get into it....

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

tree shapers

um, what? soooo cooool!
what is this, like the most tedious art form ever?
either way, very cool. they make giant stick tree people and tables and stuff too!
here's the website:
i want a live tree chair.

Monday, June 1, 2009

inspired by kittens

sundays inspired by sundays:
-shopping trips
-high class dinners
-arts and crafts
-movies because apparently ive only seen two movies in my entire life

all sundays from now on will include the likes of fooding with friends, tennis leaguing like pros and arts and crafts. maybe throw in some bike rides for good measure?

after todays brunch we went to wal-mart for our art-ing needs and picked up some super sweet etch-a-sketch things, paint by numbers and tennis rackets. this is what we got!

our walls are going to look so sweet now even if we are cripples

i dunno when paint by number got so tech, but whatever
these things take forever!!
we might get them done by like, the end of summer or something

oh also maggi resisted the urge to draw more porno on the magnadoodle for the entire weekend!!