Sunday, August 30, 2009

so last night i stepped on a rusty nail. i just wanted to say that, because i mean.. i barely even knew rusty nails were for real.

ANYWAYS i woke up at dawn, probz because rusty nails give you superpowers that make it so you dont need sleep and dont get hungover.

now its all sunny and hot-like, so im gonna spend the whole day sitting poolside, reading a book, loving the sun and discussing important world issues with maggi [processed cheese vs real cheese, and which one is appropriate in different contexts and situations].

anyways it's gonna be kinda hot like, all week.

so get outside! go to the pool! highfive the sun!

it wants to be your friend~!

ps wear sunscreen because duh

pps maggi just made me grilled cheese for breakfast. everyone should have a maggi.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

hip to be square

i know that its crazyyy
i know that its nowhere
but theres no denying
that its hip to be square!
except its really, really not this time

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

let's all just talk about n64 and mario kart and how great it is for a moment here, ok?
because it's the best.

when i was growing up we had atari at the lake and nintendo at home, and then shit started getting all crazy and we eventually got a playstation when every other kid and their dog had n64.
as a result of this, i was REALLY GREAT at crash team racing, the crash bandicoot equivalent of mario kart for the playstation, but i would continually make a huge ass of myself at birthday parties because apparently i didn't have the motor skills to get anything better than 8th place in mario kart, maybe 7th if someone's aforementioned dog was playing too. seriously, i still think the design of the n64 controllers BLOW, but anyways.

the shame of being so awful at n64 never fully left me, despite my many wins-by-a-long-shot on the playstation at my own birthday and sleepover parties... but now the year is 2009 and i find out my good pal eco has been holding out on me for months, and she has in her possession an n64 and mario kart! BEHOLD!

i had to see if i was still just as crappy as i always was and GUESS WHAT? I'M TOTALLY NOT. now that i'm all grown up and have adequate uh.. gaming skillz? i can totally play and have a fighting chance! oh to be 22, it is truly so spectacular...

anyways soim totes the best now and can finally put my bad-at-n64 days to rest. super!! the moral of the story is this game just got 903043747 times better now that i dont completely suck at it. lulzzzz.

maybe if i play the playstation one now i will totally blow the whole console up. probz.


Saturday, August 1, 2009

"wondrously devastating"

i'm pretty p.o.'d that i wasn't thinking when i made my blog and used some obsolete email address as the login and i just spent ten minutes trying to log in to post until i finally remembered i had the wrong email address. hot DOG!

anyways i wanted to blog about something the other day and now i forget what it was so here's this book i'm reading that my good pal erik lent me and he works at a bookstore and is generally hip and happening, with the exception of his "casual-wear" shoes, now resembling some horrible hybrid between sneakers and sandals, only worse than those gladiator sh-andal bootie WHATEVER things, so he probably knows what he's talking about:

i would tell you how it is but i'm currently only 26 pages in and i dont even think at least 8 of those are real pages.
apparently jonathan franzen dissed oprah when she picked it for her book club though and she got her panties in a knot over it so IT HAS TO BE GOOD, RIGHT? [does anyone even remember a million little pieces? worst. i knew the book was over when he talked about 'a fat otter with a paddle like tail' but failed to come to the conclusion that maybe what he was looking at was, i don't know, maybe A BEAVER.].
the back cover is even full of about a gazillion amazing reviews and franzen is looking quite stoic in his author photo. win?

and why is it so cold that i have to wear sweatpants to bed in the middle of summer and i can't feel my feets? does this mean i will still be able to play on my slip n' slide for my bday in january?!?? i can't wait!~!!!!